Naming Ceremony

A Naming ceremony provides parents and families with an amazing opportunity to welcome their child officially into a caring family. By choosing the Child’s name that he or she will hold forever it is a great and important day for the family to celebrate.

An occasion to wish hope and health for the new Child and witness this special day, the day that child was named. This ceremony is an important part of receiving them into the family and shares with them the true meaning of being part of something wonderful in life.

A naming ceremony for a young child is a non-religious service, similar to that of a Christening. It gives people an opportunity to offer their support to your child’s future development. It is a happy experience that can include your relatives and friends and often has readings or music, chosen especially for the occasion.
Participating in a naming ceremony brings parents, grandparents, godparent relationships closer and are often bonded more deeply.

What will be done:

A Naming Certificate is signed during the ceremony by the parents, witnesses and the Celebrant. This certificate isn’t and cannot be used as a proof of identification; it is more a gesture of love and something to remember for this ceremony.
This ceremony can take place anywhere where it is convenient and proper to organise it, if a park is on your selection always check and see how to book them in advance.
It is advisable to prepare a few things before the ceremony:

  • Who will be involved in the ceremony ex: grandparents, godparents?
  • Will there be a special gift for your child during the ceremony as a symbol of love so he /she will cherish and care for many years to come?
  • Are there any significant readings or poems that you would like to include?
  • Any idea will be interesting to add for this special day for your precious one.